Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Travel

Planning wedding travel is a long and expensive process. Almost 25% of engaged US couples plan a destination wedding. Potential health issues at the destination are often overlooked in the planning process. The Caribbean has recently had a devastating Chikungunya outbreak.

Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Illness

Chikungunya is a mosquito borne viral disease which has affected the Caribbean for the last 12 months and is common during honeymoon travel. There are other endemic diseases that those participating in destination wedding travel need to be aware of. Some honeymoon illnesses may be prevented by vaccines, others by avoidance, and others may require the use of medications. Traveler’s Diarrhea is another common travel-related destination wedding illness that can have devastating effects on a wedding party. There are simple food and water precautions that can be explained at your consultation.

At ITHC we can prescribe preventative medications for certain situations or provide appropriate antibiotics to use in case of illness. To summarize, make a Travel Medicine Consultation at ITHC part of your honeymoon and wedding plans.